Brand & Product Design

Building visual and digital assets that identify and communicate


A good portion of my career has been focused on building brands, digital products and strategic campaigns for clients, and then putting them into action to create branded impressions.



Educational designer, Kat Koppett reached out to me to help her build a brand presence for her company, Koppett & Co. Upon early investigation, it was clear that she was great at what she did and was proven by her stellar client base. She just wasn’t telling her story right.

I worked with her and her immediate team to build a brand story for them. We built out their identity and voice through nailing down their Traits, Character and Voice. Together we identified who they were, who their audience was and what their key differentiators were. As we began to step into visual identity, I suggested dropping the “& Co.” from their name. Koppett is a strong name that isn’t widely shared and wouldn’t you know it, the domain was available.

Next, I worked with a designer and illustrator to create assets for their visual brand and website. I wrote her marketing messages and created wireframes, content document and the copy for her website.

The new identity and site were an immediate boost to her client acquisition strategy, as well as a platform to launch her workshop and video series.

Studio: Roman Titus Inc.

Role: Account Lead / Brand & Strategy Lead / Copywriting / Website Design & Build / Project Management

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OrderUp came to the Brand & UX/UI Design studio I started in Chicago, Nelson Cash, as a small food menu aggregator website that started on Penn State’s campus. At the time they were a small scrappy team and were called LocalUp.

We rebranded them, including an eventual renaming, and built out their brand guidelines. After I left Nelson Cash, I was hired as an independent contractor to rewrite their marketing messages, build a digital brand and messaging guide for their affiliates’ use and build out the messaging of their new product offering, third party food delivery. This was all in an effort to re-position themselves for acquisition. Less than a year later, they were acquired by Groupon.

Studio: Nelson Cash / Roman Titus Inc.

Role: Creative Director / Account Lead / Strategy / Project Management

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“Get Your Business Online”

Google’s aspiration to provide a free website to every small business in America is an arduous task. So when their initial efforts to launch their States Campaign produced a less than desirable outcome, they turned to Nelson Cash to create a holistic campaign refresh.

We began, as always, with a heavy leaning on research to drive the strategy. We interviewed the campaign’s team lead, spoke face-to-face with small business owners (with & without websites), dove deep into the internet for research, polls, statistics, forecasts and more, all in an effort to identify who we’re talking to.

We found that one of the largest barriers for a small business owner to get a website is their assumption that it’s too difficult and they have no time for it. Our strategy was to empower small business owners by showing that anyone can do it.

We suggested using ad units that showcased the websitebuilding interface and its simplicity. Those led to a microsite consistent with the tone of the ads, with an interactive wall of real business owners’ stories. If a user digs deeper they find a resource of tips for digital marketing and are driven to sign up for a free domain and website. If people fall off in the sign up process, we track & serve them “step specific” tips to encourage them to pick up where they left off.

Studio: Nelson Cash

Role: Account & Creative Director / Strategy Lead / Project Management

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Sojourn Fare

The past 5 years have been largely dedicated to this project, which you can read about over at the Sojourn Fare case study. Here I’d like to call out the Brand design, copywriting, illustration, branded applications and marketing site that I created for it.

Role: Brand Builder / Illustration / Copy & Messaging / UX/UI / Implementation

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