Reactive Fractal DJ Booth

For this installation, it’s essential to showcase Four Loko’s Bartender Series and embrace the design of the cans. Since the cans are predominately white, there’s a risk of obscuring the visual impact of their graphics. So, to make these graphics more striking, the cans will be transformed into sheet metal to create a repetitious pattern. This sheet metal will be used to create fractal forms that are wired with sound reactive LEDs. This serves two purposes: engaging with music through light while also creating an intoxicating visual display.






Can wrapped fractals

We will use the new Four Loko cans to wrap the fractals. Cans will be cut apart and flattened into a sheet metal, epoxied together, wrapped and pinned to the opaque sides of the LED fractals. There will be six fractals for each can and will create a repeating pattern of each product's art direction. Being that the cans are mostly white, the sheet metal will also pick up the color being emitted from adjacent fractals' LED face.


Audio reactive infinite mirror

A large infinite mirror will attach to the face of the DJ booth. Made from a standard mirror and a two-way mirror lined with LEDs, the infinite mirror creates depth through the boundless repetition of light. A microcontroller with microphone will connect to the mirror to activate the lighting inside, keeping the pulse of the lights in sync with the music. This application allows for different lighting effects - like running, racing, direction changes and color changes - which create tighter synchrony with the music. Finally, the Four Loko logo will be mounted in the center of the mirror to reinforce the brand experience.


Audio reactive LED fractals

The bulk of the stage will be surrounded by 18 fractal forms that vary in shape and size. One side of the form will be inlaid with translucent white acrylic while the remaining sides will be wrapped in Four Loko cans. Like the large infinite mirror on the face of the DJ booth, these fractals will be connected to a microcontroller with a microphone which will activate the LEDs inside the forms in sync with the music. Colors can be limited to the cans' color palette (as shown) or utilize the entire range of colors.




The result is a visual feast, that engages with audio and audience while reinforcing the Four Loko brand, as well as the new Bartender Series cans.